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Leed Risk Services is a boutique risk and insurance brokerage firm offering specialised advice to Australian and International businesses and private clients.

Whilst a boutique service, Leed is backed by the strength of a clustered network of over 120 Australian brokers. Together these brokers place more than $2.8 billion worth of premium into the Australian market. This means significant leverage with insurers, which means more innovative and better value products.

It's easy to feel lost with a large organisation, or uncertain without the guidance of someone who knows your situation. People at larger firms come and go and trustworthy advice is hard to come by.

At Leed, you are partnered with a long-serving director-owner or senior account manager from the very start. Only an established boutique risk partner can offer such superior, personalised service to all of its clients.

As a firm with over 130 years' combined experience and 29 years in operation, we are established in our field, know what we excel at, and do it as well as - if not better than - the biggest companies in town. We offer:

  • Access to global insurance alliances and exclusive markets
  • Network buying muscle for more competitively priced insurance products
  • Innovative risk management schemes specially designed for you
  • Personal advice based on first-hand experience that builds your risk resilience

What's more, rare among brokers of our size, we run a complete in-house claims management service.

Why a risk partner?

More than just an insurance broker, Leed is your personal risk partner. What does that mean for you?

  • For a business, it means more than just survival - it's about long-term commercial success
  • For an individual or family, it means more than just security - it's about lifelong prosperity

We understand better than any general insurer that insurance alone is a limited form of risk management. So we take a holistic approach, using insurance in conjunction with a host of other techniques to keep risk on your side.

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